Top 3 reasons not to eat meat, dairy or eggs:

#1.  "Live Free or Die" Reduce Torture. Approximately ~50 Billion tortured animals are butchered per year for human population of 7 Billion (that is ~7 animals per year that are butchered for each person's consumption). A single person that switches to vegan diet & lives 50 additional years; saves the lives of 350 (7x50) animals from torture & terror - a life worse than hell. 

#2Human is Herbivore - proof is based on scientific physical evidence - not paid opinion of a sponsored (bribed) committee of scientists with a for-profit agenda.

#3.  It's the most healthy. Fruits and vegetables are the only foods that we can eat in excess naturally raw (without condiments and spices) and it's also the least expensive & the most healthy. A vegan diet is cheaper, healthier and superior. 
There is no proof of any benefit to eating meat, dairy or eggs and to the contrary there is a mountain of scientific evidence of the reverse, directly linking meat, dairy & eggs to stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.


Proof:  The legend has it Right.  Plant foods are the way to Go !


Only YOU can speak for animals - in the voting booth, at the supermarket & grocery store.

              Please say NO to dairy.

cheese production process

Reduce Torture by Not eating meat