The Most Perfect Food for a Baby: Mother's Milk
Omnivore Theory:  Protein (~25% in meat) is essential for our brain's growth and development.
Fact#1. Human brain grows fastest the first year of life while breast feeding only on mother's milk. 
Fact#2. Human milk has one of the lowest %
(1%) of protein of all animals.
Even less than cow (3.4%), dog (9.5%), donkey (1.7%) and monkey (2.1%), including
chimpanzee and gorilla.
Therefore the lowest % protein food fuels the fastest rate of brain growth and development on the planet.                 
The Great Protein Fiasco:

Ray Arjo
  1 LB of Cheese = 9 LBs of Milk                                                    
Cheese=Milk=Veal=Animal torture