Disproving Human Omnivore Theory



The Burden of Proof  Since caging, torture & butchering are all required for meat, dairy & egg production, it's on the meat eater to "prove beyond a reasonable doubt", that we are omnivores and cooked-burnt meat (example: burger, hotdog,  bacon, fried chicken, steak, roast beef etc), dairy and eggs are required for good human health. Stories, opinions and subjective interpretation of evolution and history is not "Proof".  In fact, there is a mountain of evidence that eating meat, dairy and egg is unhealthy.  

claim that meat was essential part of our evolution and the high amount of protein in the meat is responsible for our brain's rapid growth and development.  Especially cooked meat, since carnivores and omnivores have small brains, yet eat lots of raw meat (protein).  Since human brain grows fastest the earliest years (before the age of two) it would be logical for human breast milk to contain the most protein (of all mammals) for rapid brain development and growth of a human baby's brain.  However the opposite is true.  Human breast milk contains the least amount (less than 1% by weight) of protein, debunking this false omnivore belief.  Human breast milk contains even less protein than chimp breast milk. Source

Burden of Proof

If we are Omnivores: *How come we don't have 4 long sharp K9 teeth like All mammal omnivores do
*Why are our teeth flat and look like horse & cow's teeth*Why don't we eat RAW chicken, duck, turkey, veal, etc. with no vegan spices like omnivores do ? *Why are our intestines long and stomach aciditity low like other herbivores ? *How come we sweat through our skin like herbivores (horse) ? *Why are our jaws able to move from side to side like herbivores ? *Why when we close our mouth, our flat uniform height teeth in upper and lower jaws sit perfectly on top of each other (all teeth fit inside the jaw) like herbivores ? *How come we chew our food like herbivores (chew gum) ? *Why is the #1 cause of death in the USA, atherosclerosis (elevated cholesterol) - a disease only of herbivores ? Etc.  Objective Physical Evidence is overwhelming that we are NOT omnivores.
Most omnivore arguments are based on past human evolution theories, opinions and stories.  Proving a theory wrong, especially something that occurred millions of years ago, is like proving Santa Claus does not exist. Everything is possible. None of us were around two million years ago to know. 
To prove human is omnivore, name one mammal omnivore that has one or more of the following physical features/characteristics that are unique to Herbivores.  For example:
1.  No 4 Long-Sharp K9 Teeth.  K9s that are blunt & dull & regular size
2.  Teeth that are equal height and don't zigzag across each other when mouth is closed
3.  Carbohydrate digesting enzymes in saliva
4.  Low stomach acidity (ph 4-5)
5.  Long intestine and long colon that is sacculated
6.  Liver that cannot detoxify vitamin A
7.  Sweat through skin
8.  Chew food
9.  Derive Vitamin C from plant foods and cannot synthesize vitamin C
The above physical features are present now (not millions of years ago) and measurable with scientific instruments.  Document one mammal omnivore that has these unique herbivore physical features which are all also human physical features. 

1.  We can eat raw meat (sushi) therefore we are omnivores
Yes we can and so can herbivores.  Therefore that is not a unique omnivore feature.  Cows in the industrial nations have been fed none vegan protein diet composed of fish pellets, slaughter house waste products (government site study) etc.  Here is a video of a cow eating a live raw chicken. My cats eat grass and canned cat food has rice and other vegetables inside and they love it.   
2.  Eye Position  Carnivores and omnivores have their eyes in the front of their face (not on the side) for hunting prey. Since our eyes are in the front of our face, we are omnivores.  
Response: All primates have their eyes in the front of their face. Here are some pictures of herbivore monkey faces
3.  We lost our long sharp canine teeth during evolution after we INVENTED
FIRE and learned to cook (burn meat).
a)  If before invention of fire our ancestors (like other omnivores) had long sharp canine teeth to naturally and effortlessly kill and eat raw meat, then why did they invent fire to burn (cook) the meat ?  Burning destroys most nutrients in raw meat and it would make no sense for them to cook meat if they could eat it raw. Therefore this theory proves the reverse - that our ancestors could not eat raw meat and were herbivores.
    b)  Starting a fire - most brilliant discovery! Human must have had a fully-developed brain to invent such a feat and to be able to pass it on to the next generation. It's not easy to start a fire without modern tools (matches, lighters, etc). Fire was probably first used for heating during winter and many thousands of years later used for cooking protein rich plants (potato, rice, bread, corn) and meat. Boiling water requires a waterproof metal pan (otherwise it will ignite).   
c)  Paper (similar to dry leaves) ignites at ~450 degrees Fahrenheit. Discovering how to start a fire is not easy especially for our ancestors approx. 500,000 years ago. Meat eaters claim that eating cooked-burnt meat increased our ancestor's brain and before that they had small underdeveloped brains.  But harnessing fire, communicating the knowledge through language to others and making it available for individual use (in homes for cooking) requires "brain power". 500K years ago our ancestors must have been highly intelligent to able to start fire (create extreme high temperatures). Human evolution goes back 25 million years - fifty times longer time period than 500,000. 98% of our evolution occurred before use of fire. What did we eat before that ? We ate raw. The only foods (even today) we can eat raw in excess (without getting ill) are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
4.  But plants feel pain too !  Plants don't feel pain because they have no brain and no central nervous system. Pain is not useful to them because they can't move to avoid it.
                   But even if they did feel pain:
  1.  It takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat, and even fish on fish farms must be fed up to 5 pounds of wild-caught fish to produce 1 pound of farmed fish flesh.  Therefore being a Vegan saves on suffering of plants more than 13 fold.

  2.  If Plants can feel Pain, ….
                  so can pieces of meat, egg and milk
They scream in agonizing pain on the grill, in the oven or whenever exposed to extreme heat or cold (in the freezer). Eat RAW.
Stop Torture

  3.  No one can prove a negative (for example stones don't feel pain, or Santa Claus is not real). The burden of proof is on you to prove plants feel pain - not on herbivores.  


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