Human Herbivore: Additional Physical Evidence
(not hired opinion or religious/traditional belief)

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Carnivores and omnivores eat raw meat of herbivores.  Depending on local religion, culture or tradition we eat burnt meat of all animals including dog, rat, snake, pig, lion and shark.
Do you like chewing gum? You are a herbivore. Herbivores chew their food (with their flat molar teeth) up and down and side to side jaw movement to mix it well with their saliva, rich with carbohydrate digesting enzymes.

Do you speak? Y
ou are a herbivore. Herbivores have fully developed flexible facial muscle, lips and tongue. 
Do you stink after jogging or intense exercise ?  Then you are a herbivore because only herbivores sweat through their skin.
When you were a baby, did your mother trust you with sheep, camel or cow's milk instead of dog, lion or pig's milk ?  Then you are a herbivore. 

Ability to Speak: Requires strong flexible (left-right, top-bottom rotational movement) jaws, lips, tongue & facial muscle.
Giraffe's strong flexible lips and tongue

Herbivores are Tall, have long necks and eyes that can see long distance for danger.  Examples: giraffe, human, zebra, gazelle etc.

Omnivores (bear, dog, wild hog) & carnivores (lion, wolf) are short to hide in the bushes and launch surprise attack at close range. 

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