I am a Proud Herbivore
(not Omnivore like rat & pig)

Top 4 Reasons I am a Vegan:
#1. Not Support Torture.  Meat & Dairy Industries are animal torture concentration factories
#2. Eat healthy, natural, non-GMO plant foods.
I have no long-sharp K9 teeth and don't like the taste of raw unprocessed meat, milk & eggs - it tastes bad without raw vegan spices. A little is okay, but so is a little crack, heroine and nicotine - at least they don't cause torture. Eating lots of raw plant food makes me strong & healthy. It tastes delicious. My teeth look like horse and cow's teeth because I am a herbivore and I am proud of it.
It is inexpensive. Unlike processed, manufactured, cooked (burnt) food, the best foods are raw fruits, nuts and vegetables. Why pay more for an inferior product ?
#4.  I reduce my chances of ending in hell
Herbivore teeth human baboon canine tooth