Lose Weight Eating Raw, Inexpensive, Unprocessed, Natural Foods.

#1.  Don't eat cooked (burnt), processed, canned, manufactured (expensive) food.  If the food is good, why burn it  ?  The BEST food is CHEAP, Unprocessed, Natural RAW food.  
#2.  See #1 above.  




Low Calorie

Hi Calorie, Intentionally Addictive

Hi Nutrition

Low Nutrition

Cheap, Fast

Expen$$ive, Lots of Work , Manufactured

Naturally Tastes Great

Tastes Bad. Needs Cooking, Condiments

No Animal Torture/Caging

For Profit Animal Torture/Caging

Apple, banana, RAW Peanuts, almonds Apple Pie, fried bananas, roasted or salted nuts
Onion, Potato (boiled, lower temp) Onion Ring, French Fries (fried in pork grease ?)  Potato Chips
RAW Nuts (have more protein & embryonic cells) Roasted Chicken or Bacon Cheeseburger
 Raw Nuts, Seeds (embryonic cells may reduce aging) Donut, Roasted-Salted-canned Nuts 
Natural seeded grapes, apples, oranges, mellons Man-Made seedless grapes, apples, oranges, mellons
Natural Fruit Juice (not processed) Soda, Pasteurized Milk (UnNatural food)
Raw, Cage-Free, Organic Egg Bacon Cheese Omelet
Dates or honey with raw almonds or peanuts Banana Split Ice Cream or Cream Cake
Tea (green-RAW)  Coffee (Roasted Beans)
Etc... Etc...


Hot Tip:

     Instead of commercial lotions and creams, and for healthier natural skin, rub banana, banana skin, lemon or lime juice on your skin.  This should cure most skin rashes, itchings, dryings, discolorings and accelerate healing. 






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Real Men Eat it Raw.