YBurnMeat ?

Because human is Herbivore

Old Age Diseases

Diet related old age diseases prove that meat, dairy and eggs are not our natural food and are unhealthy. 
For example, if you pour 1-5% water in a new car's gas tank, it may run.  But after awhile the water will damage the internals of engine & expensive repairs will be required as the car ages or the car will not run (dies prematurely). 
Only plant foods have fiber.  Natural plant foods (fruits, nuts and vegetables) have no cholesterol and no saturated fat. Only meat, dairy & eggs have saturated fat & cholesterol and no fiber.
Eliminating the #1 Cause of Death (Atherosclerosis)
How to protect eyes
from diabetic blindness by NOT eating animal products
Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease.  
Prevent a Stroke
(& atherosclerosis) the 2d leading cause of death & disability, and also diabetes, obesity, cardio-vascular diseases by NOT eating animal based foods

Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease with (Plant-Based) Diet.
The #1 cause of death & disability.
 Bill Clinton's Physician


What Causes Type 2 Diabetes
& obesity - eating animal (saturated) fat found in meat & diary destroying pancreas and liver
Bad cholesterol  
causing stroke & heart attack by clogging arteries (atherosclerosis, the disease of herbivores)
Okinawan Diet  
Living to 100
Dr. Ellsworth Wareham -
98 years old vegan