YBurnMeat ?

Because human is Herbivore


Lion (short & long)

Herbivores are tall with color far-sighted vision

Short Dog Vs. Tall Human

Predators are short and long to hide in the bushes to strike at close range (surprise attack).
Herbivores are tall (have long legs or neck) with far-sighted color vision to spot danger from far and escape.  
Example of tall herbivores:

Human, giraffe, moose, gazelle, horse, antelope etc.

Gestation & Number of Babies
Dog Litter Pig Litter
Gestation # of
Months Babies
Cow 9 1
Horse 11 1
Chimp 8 1
Pig 4 5-6
Dog 2 5-8
Lion 4 2-3
Cat 2 3-5