Vegan Cat & Dog Food

Science has progressed to such a degree that even cats (obligate carnivores) can live on vegan cat food - a special plant-based food that contains all the nutrients (including protein & taurine) that cats require for optimum health & nutrition.  This is not science fiction, belief or opinion. It is Reality & Fact.

Is it natural ?  No, it's not natural.  Nor is keeping pets indoors,  de-clawing, spading, neutering or feeding them regular (non-vegan) pet-food made of man-made, cage-raised, genetically modified chicken, cow & pig leftover meat mixed with chemicals. Internet, eyeglasses, automobile, vaccines or light bulb aren't natural either.  We live in an unnatural world and thrive!  So can they. It's called using "Science" to alleviate suffering.  Embrace factual objective science.       
The science is there. My 2 cats have been vegan (Vegan Cat food) since Nov. 2014 (that's about 7 human years) and they are alive and super healthy. Before that, I did plenty of research & there are many vegan cats that have lived very long healthy lives for real.  There is no need to butcher cage-raised, tortured chicken, pigs & cows to feed them.  Internet is full of anti-vegan propaganda to sell products and spread suffering & superstition for profit.
If cats & dogs can (& do) live long healthy happy lives and thrive on specially made cat & dog vegan food, why can't you ?  Just eat lots of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables & nuts and you will do just fine.  Worst case scenario, if you feel deficient, take multi-vitamin pills and eat protein rich foods like raw peanuts, seitan (cooked wheat protein), tofu, lentil, nutritional yeast, beans etc. Please don't eat my friends.  You will feel much better, have more energy & lose excess weight without dieting.   It's win-win.  

Butcher 1 animal to feed another


Feeding sheltered animals torture